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The Good, the bad and the facts based on opinions.

 All we hear or see is the GOOD GOOD GOOD they are trying to make us see of this product. They don't care about humans in general they care about the almighty DOLLARS.
Here's a link I'll provide to the "good" they want to tell you.                FEB 1, 07
Take your time and read it.
NOW-My points and opinion on it:
Cervical Cancer, HPV and Genital Warts

It is estimated that approximately 20 million American men and women are infected with HPV. In most people, HPV appears to go away on its own. In some, the virus has been linked to cervical cancer, abnormal pap tests and genital warts. In the United States, an estimated 10,370 new cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed in 2005, and there will be an estimated 3,710 deaths from cervical cancer. Genital warts are common - 500,000 to 1,000,000 cases in the United States alone - and treatment options may be painful.
OK, Some are infected with HPV right.  Warts don't kill.  They are treated and sedated from bad outbreaks. HPV VACCINE isn't guaranteed to work either or kill the virus that causes Cervical Cancer. Do they mention that...of course not.
IN SOME (but they want to put into effect a LAW that all females between ages....) Why are just females being vaccinated, males are carriers of it too.
Right there they admit 'some'.
 I believe the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY more than I believe these guys.
And treatment options may be painful they state. 
I've been there- done it, it is a mild to moderate cramping proceedure. Medication is available for on the spot treatment if one should need any. (as the same with childbirth)
Recovery ranges from a couple of hours to a day as you are going about your business as usual, the only recovery is cramping  yet to follow with you for a while. Not a lifetime.

Worse senerio if caught early enough but no critical is a hysterectomy.
OK, removal of parts, and take estrogen pills.  About norm to menopause
except you just 'don't have the parts'.  Death comes when patient refused completely to ignore their own bodies.  Then it's too late !!
Isn't the proceedure simple compared to a lifetime of possible child defects and no childbearing years??? Who's to say it won't happen, but I'm willing to look at the worst encounters.
IF these folks gave birth and survived it, I guarantee you from undergoing it myself and talking from experiance, this proceedure is a cake walk next to childbirth !!
I'm going to go on to say:  A man should walk in a womans shoes before making decisions for her, or at tops have say in her child's future - womans "gifts", better yet HAVE A CHILD !
Put PAP tests into LAW, not chemicals. But here I still have to say "My body, My temple".  I should have FREEDOM of CHOICE of how I wish to treat myself.  Form an Education Program in school sex education classes if you feel it's a threat that parents aren't teaching their children ! This one is and does cover alot with my child.  Don't punish the children of the future !

Fancy words doesn't lose the concern I have

2007 Opinionated Views of a mother of a pre-teen female