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On this page here you find some commentary about what some US citizens are saying about the matter.  I've ran across some of this stuff in forums on the World Wide Web.

*A radical decision like Gov. Rick Perry made without proper legislative debate and decision scares me. I am not against vaccinations, however I have severe doubts about the motive that Merck has in terms promoting the vaccine and in turn Gov. Perry's motive in making this decision. If Merck was truly interested in the health of young women then they should back of the forced vaccination strategy and market it as a voluntary treatment. If in 5-10 years the vaccine proves safe and effective then begin the process of seeking such mandatory vaccinations. Too many medications come to market too rapidly with too little testing into long term side-effects and are pushed onto unsuspecting patients by over zealous doctors. But alas, if they wait to seek mandatory vaccination, then they lose considerable revenue as their patents will be on the verge of expiring. I doubt Merck has that great interest in the long term health of women, but rather is focussed fully on the long term revenue the drug can produce.
Lest someone thinks I'm an uneducated male, I have a minor in Microbiology and specialized in Teratology at University. I have a young daughter. I'm not against vaccinations. But a vaccine that seems to be pushed heavy handedly upon the general population with limited choice in its administration, when the vaccine has a limited track record to judge its efficacy and side-effects scares me to death. Make it voluntary, establish a track record of independent studies (long and short term) then come back and bring it to the legislature. The democratic process should NEVER be short-circuited for the financial gain of a pharmaceutical company.

* If protesting doesn't work in Austin then you make a trip to Washington D.C. and protest there.  I'd also encourage everyone to start filing class-action lawsuits for violating constitutional rights in Texas and take it all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.


*OK ......
Lets recap .........
1. The vaccine is most likely a good thing with benefits to the overall health of the public
2. Some side effects have been reported but the long term affects are unknown
3. Merck is lobbying hard. There such a fine line between lobbying and illegal payoffs.
The vaccine should be voluntary until the side effects and long term issues can be determined.
When those determinations can finally be made, it should be discussed publicly and within the legislature about the pros and cons to determine if the program has benefits toward the public health that outweigh the risks. Then a decision can be made whether or not to create a mandatory vaccination program. Wow! That wasn't hard was it?

Others thoughts or notions on the matter should be concidered or pondered on.

2007 Opinionated Views of a mother of a pre-teen female