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Here I may bring up key issues about our website.

Pictures say a thousand words.

A political rally; Size=240 pixels wide

Can you remember who began the campaign of
"JUST SAY NO" to drugs for example?  They
also should have emphasized on health care drugs
introduced to challenge US constitutional and
parental rights. 

Picture of smokestacks; Size=130 pixels wide

Above are several hazardous smokestacks.

Picture of smokestacks; Size=130 pixels wide

PAP TESTS are natural, is the manufacture of
the "NEWLY HYPED" Vaccine
Healthy for our children?

A political rally; Size=240 pixels wide

"Just say NO" to the unnaturals and welcome
education and enrichment on procedures they have already done to
boost statistics on the cure for Cervical Cancer.
We don't need to "boost their wallets".

We may also include other items on this page to enhance awarement.

The key to Detection and Prevention is EDUCATION
Educate your children about NO TO HPV VACCINE
for the future

2007 Opinionated Views of a mother of a pre-teen female